Labor and Birth

Labor Deep Dive: Induction

$15. 60mins. We’ll cover why, when, how, risks and benefits, various methods from non-pharmacological to medical induction....

Practicing Labor Coping Skills: Movement and Positions

$15. 60 mins. Learn movements and positions which can increase comfort and reduce pain during labor and birth. ...

Private 1-on-1 classes

$150/hr. 1-3 hours. All pregnancy to postpartum topics are available as private, tailored virtual sessions. ...

Practicing Labor Coping Skills: Visualizations & Breathing

$15. 60 mins. Learn and practice different approaches to manage labor pain with breathing techniques and various guided visualizations....

Preparing to Give Birth by Cesarean

$10. 60mins. Recorded class. Giving birth by cesarean or, interested in information on positive cesareans just in case? This class will give expectant parents options to consider as they get ready for the healthiest birth....

Your Pelvic Floor: Pregnancy to Postpartum

$45. 60 min. Come learn what the pelvic floor is, why it is especially important during pregnancy, and how to take care of it throughout pregnancy and postpartum....

Childbirth Education Basics

$199. 3hrs. Prepare for childbirth by learning what to expect and developing the skills to move through labor and delivery. Covers the full spectrum of options for birth. Small, live interactive class. ...

Childbirth Education Intensive

$299 – 4 x 2h sessions. Helps you take control of your upcoming birth by learning & practicing the skills necessary to achieve your goals in a blend of lecture, video, and demonstration in a small intimate online setting....

Practicing Labor Coping Skills: Focus & Mental Distraction Techniques

$15. 60mins. We’ll introduce you to and practice several different visual and audible focus techniques for labor which may help to reduce your pain during labor....

Labor Deep Dive: Epidurals, IV Meds and Nitrous Oxide

$10. 60mins. In this recorded class you’ll learn more about the benefits, risks, and potential side effects of epidurals, IV meds and nitrous oxide....

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