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Get more sleep! Amazing overnight care to help you through the night - from feeding and latching support to soothing and swaddling, so you can go back to sleep!
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Typical overnight
doula services

Postpartum doulas provide overnight support for your newborn and your whole family to help you get as much sleep as possible, while building your confidence as a parent and providing support for your whole family.

Typical overnight doula services include:
  • Giving new parents the opportunity to get as much sleep as possible through the night.
  • Doulas reduce the amount of babycare parents normally do after nursing including changing diapers, clothes, swaddling, soothing, and helping baby go back to sleep.
  • Lactation support and instruction
  • Bottlefeeding parent? Your doula can care for the baby through the night, while you sleep.
  • Providing nourishment and drinks to parents overnight, as needed.
  • Nurturing the new parents
  • Cleaning any pump or bottle-parts and leaving you with easy to eat food for the morning.
  • Certified lactation professional Postpartum Doulas available, as well.
  • All postpartum doulas using the boober platform are trained, vetted, certified in Infant CPR
  • Postpartum doulas are available for daytime too!
  • Book for 1 night to weeks or months.
"Space for testimonials"
- Jane Doe
"Space for testimonials"
- Jane Doe
Considering a baby nurse? A postpartum doula (day or night) is perfect for parents who want newborn care AND you care! Doulas support the whole family. Boober makes it easy to find postpartum support for your family. Personalized service. 15+ years of experience. Largest network of certified doulas.
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How’s it different than a night nurse?

Simply put, the postpartum doula is baby care plus you care! They provide physical and emotional recovery care for the birthing parent, newborn care, and support for partner and siblings as the whole family transitions to parenthood. In contrast, the baby nurse is hired solely to care for the infant.
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why boober?

Through our sister company, Birth Day Presence, we’ve matched thousands of savvy NY families to some of the world’s best doulas since 2002.  Our Care Connectors (yep, real live humans) provide personalized concierge service to find the postpartum support that is just right for your whole family - whether this is your first or fourth baby.

Experienced, compassionate, and non-judgmental - for daytime or overnight - our postaprtum doulas meet you where you are. All doulas on the platform are vetted, certified, and often have advanced training in complementary fields such as lactation, postpartum fitness, yoga, massage therapy, nutrition, and counseling. Boober matching services are doctor-recommended and parent-approved.

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