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Your Pelvic Floor: Pregnancy to Postpartum

boober online course your pelvic floor in pregnancy birth and beyond

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Live webinar - 1 hour


Pricing is per family

Your Pelvic Floor : Pregnancy to Postpartum

Learn what your pelvic floor is, how it supports you through your pregnancy and postpartum, and how to spot issues or red flags. Pelvic floor dysfunction is extremely common but is not normal! Many people go their whole lives without understanding their pelvic floors and how to prevent and rehabilitate things like urinary incontinence (peeing yourself!) or vaginal tearing during childbirth. In this workshop, you'll learn how to maintain a healthy pelvic floor and a few ways to optimize your birth and postpartum period. You'll also learn what a pelvic floor physical therapist does and all the ways they can support you through the journey. 

Want to dive deeper? Join our Pelvic Floor Exercise Class! Students will learn how to coordinate and access their pelvic floor, deep core, and diaphragm in basic movement patterns. This is a beginner level class. 


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