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100% 5-Star Reviews on Google!

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boober helps you achieve the outcomes that matter to you, by connecting you to the right providers, classes and educational resources at the right time.
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Over 17 years experience matching families to qualified maternal care providers and classes.
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Care you can trust. boober professionals are certified, insured, and vetted.
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New parenthood can be challenging but you don’t have to do it alone. boober connects you to top-rated pregnancy to postpartum classes.
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For over 20 years, Jada Shapiro (registered Doula, instructor and boober co-founder) has helped transform healthcare experiences for thousands of expectant parents and new families.
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New parenthood can be challenging but you don’t have to do it alone. boober connects you to the right maternal care providers and top-rated pregnancy to postpartum classes. Childbirth classes are covered by most HSA, FSA and HRA plans
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With over 17 years experience matching families to qualified doulas and hosting childbirth education classes, boober offers expert care you can trust. Find classes and support that are proven to improve health outcomes - in-home or virtually.

Childbirth Education Classes

Childbirth Education

Learn about stages & emotional signposts of labor, pain management, birth options, interventions, support options, early postpartum care & recovery, and more.

Lactation and Newborn Care

Become familiar with the basics of infant care and body feeding in the early days and weeks after birth to start with confidence.

Practicing Labor Coping Skills

Learn and practice pain coping skills for labor and for life.

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I Have a Baby

Boober offers expert resources, classes, and care providers to help you in your journey as a new parent. Non-judgmental, evidence based support when you want it - in-home or virtually.
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Postpartum Classes

Infant Sleep

Learn about all things sleep in the early days of having a newborn, tips for new parents to maximize their sleep in the early days, and more.

Stretch and Strength: Finding Your Core & Pelvic Floor Pre and Postpartum

Connect with your breath, practice strengthening exercises and learn simple, effective stretches to alleviate everyday tension and stress from pregnancy and parenting.

Infant Safety & CPR

Learn all about infant safety topics for ages 0-12 months, including CPR, choking hazards, and more.