newborn care essentials

August 6th @ 7:30pm Eastern Time
90 minute class
(that's more than 50% off the normal price)

"I took a virtual class on Zoom with Jada Shapiro. It was amazing! Very informative and exactly what I needed to feel more confident.  Thanks again for a great class. I highly recommend." 

Led by Maternal Healthcare Expert and Founder of boober, Jada Shapiro, we will guide you through tailored newborn care basics for your family: diapering, feeding, soothing, newborn sleep and bathing.

This newborn care and infant feeding class is ideal for all expectant parents. This class will help expectant families become familiar with the basics of feeding your new baby and how to care for your infant in the early days and weeks after birth. Partners encouraged to attend! Take this class before the baby is born.

We'll cover
  • Common newborn procedures in the hospital
  • Skin-to-skin contact
  • The 4th Trimester and postpartum care
  • Understanding normal infant behavior, communication, and appearance
  • Baby sleep patterns and safety
  • Basics of diapering, cord care, babywearing, and bathing
  • Newborn warning signs and when to call your pediatrician
  • Understanding feeding and normal newborn feeding patterns
  • Feeding tips, tools, positions, techniques, burping and more
  • Understanding bottle storage, cleaning, use, etc.