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boober childbirth education class
Discover your unique childbirth preferences and demystify what to expect on your big day with our live classes. Group discussion, expert instruction and support guaranteed.
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"I Highly Recommend These Classes to Every Soon-To-Be-Mama"

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The boober childbirth basics class is a top-rated program taught by some of the most experienced experts in labor and birth education today.

Our classes were developed by these inspiring educators and our founder, Jada Shapiro – a well-known pregnancy, birth and postpartum consultant that has appeared on NBC, CBS and in The New York Times. The goal of our virtual class is to equip you with fundamental birthing knowledge.

With accurate information, and access to safe, judgement-free, and supportive discussions, Q&As and feedback – we believe all parents will discover the preferences that will lead to their ideal childbirth experience. Teaching with empathy, compassion and active listening is who we are.

A few key topics you will discuss in class include:

  • The physiology of labor and birth
  • Signs, stages, and emotional signposts of labor
  • Introduction to non-pharmacological pain management techniques and options
  • Understanding birth options
  • Types of labor support like doula and family care
  • Understanding medical support and interventions
  • Cesarean birth and prevention
  • First moments after birth
  • Postpartum care and recovery 
  • Family centered care
  • How COVID-19 may impact the experience
This is not an exhaustive class, and our instructors won’t promise you that by the end you’ll know everything there is to know. That’s just not true! But with this education comes a solid foundation for creating a birthing plan that fits who you are, and how you want to chart your own journey.

Join us for an intimate, life-changing virtual class that will help you make the right decisions now.