Top Rated Infant CPR Class
for New Parents

boober infant cpr & safety

In just 60 minutes you will learn the latest infant CPR and safety protocols required to keep your child safe in its first year of life. Recommended by pediatricians.

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“Now I can assess my child in an emergency situation and can make the best decisions about how to intervene”

- Ella P, Boober Class Graduate
Watching your baby choke on milk or solid foods is a traumatic experience for parents. Many freeze in panic, try a number of ineffective common-sense practices, and rush their child to the emergency room for help. Sadly, by the time the baby is seen, it’s often too late.

Babies are prone to choking because of underdeveloped oral muscles that make swallowing coordination a challenge. Something as small as propping a feeding bottle against a pillow can result in a serious emergency situation. Reading a book is rarely enough to prepare you for the real thing.

Our classes focus on providing new parents with a relaxed, informative and personalized live experience. You will be performing life-saving techniques on your own by the end of the lesson.

  • The Boober Infant CPR Class is top-rated on Yelp and Google (five stars)
  • The class is recommended by leading pediatricians
  • Supportive in-person classes address 100% of parent concerns
  • A popular virtual CPR class that gets rave reviews from attendees
  • The tools new parents need to manage an infant crisis situation
With full certifications as a parenting and childbirth educator, and as a doula – her additional board certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner makes her an incredible child safety expert and resource for our students.

In this online class, there’s room for the whole family. Pay the class fee, and have everyone take part in this essential training program for 10% off! Highly engaging and done from the comfort of your own home, the Infant CPR and Safety Class is the best thing you’ll do for your family this year.