10 gifts for new parents for the holidays

10 gifts for new parents for the holidays

Between carrying the weight of a growing baby, preparing to wake up all night, repeated feedings and physical recovery from birth, few people have more to handle than the person getting ready to birth or the new mom or parent after giving birth. And as we get closer to the holidays, it only makes sense that the best gifts for an expectant new mom or birth parent would be a gift that is for them, not just for the baby. You want to get the perfect gift, but you also want it to be useful. While the holidays may be a joyous time of the year for many new and growing families, wondering what to give a new parent may bring undue stress. Gifts often get focused on the new bundle of joy, forgetting, in the excitement of the moment, the needs of the birthing parent and/or partner in what is undoubtedly one of the biggest transitions of their adult lives. While one more adorable onesie will certainly be met with some teary ”‘oohs” and “ahhs,” we should acknowledge that parents are also being born when a baby arrives. Supporting them in meaningful ways with the right gifts for the holidays should be simple. To help you, we put together a list of perfect gifts for new parents that will hit the spot during the holidays. 

  1. Give the gift of postpartum care! Things are good, but experiences are better! The best gift out there is the gift of support. Of parents we surveyed, 92% told us the supplemental care they received improved their well-being. Isn’t making mom happy what this day is about? Gift a boober gift card in any amount to pregnant people or new parents who can use the credit toward classes and care like postpartum doulas, mental health therapists, sleep consultants, nutritionists or pelvic floor providers! 
  2. The ultimate Birth Box bundle from Bodily, an all-in-one care package for labor recovery, postpartum, and breastfeeding with a collection of fresh and modern birth products, combining research-led and expert-driven products. The box combines essentials for any birthing parent like socks, mesh undies, pads, an inflatable cushion, and more. 
  3. The Postpartum Self Care Recovery Kit by Coddle. The kit is a “must-have’’ postpartum essential that relieves, soothes, and speeds healing and recovery after giving birth. All products are holistic, lovely, multi-purpose, plant-based, and organic – the doula and founder behind the brand knows how to make a parent feel pampered. 
  4. The First 40 Days is a great read for all new moms! This book covers a gorgeous and healthful approach to nourishment in the first 40 days of postpartum. This book revives the lost art of caring for the mother or birthing parent right after birth during the recommended rest and recovery period.
  5. Lilu Pumping Bra. This bra massages you to significantly increase your breastmilk output for people who will be exclusively pumping or are pumping a lot. A great hack to get more milk and the hands-free feature means less work for the pumping parent! 
  6. Frida Mom breast-shaped instant heat warmers are fantastic for new moms. They can be used on the breast to soften before nursing, can be used for postpartum uterine cramping, or just for general muscle relaxation. Two easy steps: 1) click 2) sweet warm relief!
  7. 4th-trimester wear by Hatch. A go-to for clothes that are soft, stretchy, easy to nurse or pump in, and cute offer some basic postpartum underwear, tanks, dresses, and more by mom-community-oriented Hatch Collection. Stylish, many pieces can be used beyond postpartum; a win-win! 
  8. If you just can’t resist getting something for the baby, go for useful and non-toxic products that aregood for some mom pampering! The healthynest line of skincare products are baby-safe and good for the whole family. Relaxing detox bath soaks, foamingsoaps with pre/probiotics and Manuka honey for soft, sensitive skin and more.This refillable line of bodycare is sure to delight everyone.
  9. A more restful sleep. When no position is really comfortable, a good pillow can go a long way. The BBhugme pillows are built by healthcare professionals and really transform the sleep of expecting parents. 
  10. A wireless breast pump, like the Elvie or Willow. These pumps allow for discreet and on-the-go pumping, making that return to work or extracting the liquid gold while also having a conversation with friends a lot easier. No more obvious sucking sounds or exile to the bathroom are freedom in a box. 

The holidays are a time of gathering first and foremost. Babies have simple needs at first The gift of care is truly the best gift you can give to new parents. Well-adjusted parents are truly essentials to happy babes. Nurturing new parents and providing them with social support will make a world of difference. 

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