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All about homebirth

all about homebirth

Watch the “All about homebirth” webinar moderated by boober founder, Jada Shapiro in conversation with Certified Midwife, Shawna King, CM, LM.
They shared what expecting families needed to know about homebirth. COVID-19 has caused expectant parents to think differently about what options they have when giving birth, in light of concerns about birthing in a hospital in the presence of a pandemic. While homebirth has always been specifically sought out by some parents, and while homebirth is a safe, viable, and supported option in many countries, only 1% of US births are currently planned at home. We have seen a huge uptick in interest in the possibility of homebirth during this time and want to give our community an opportunity to learn more about whether homebirth is available or even a possible option for them. We honor the homebirth midwives who provide their expert services to our communities. Recorded May 2020.

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How to choose where to give birth?

One of the biggest decisions you will make when you are pregnant, in addition to who will help you deliver your baby, is where to give birth. Where you give birth will influence the type of care you receive and the likelihood of medical ...

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