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All things related to tongue-tie part 1

all things related to
tongue-tie part 1

What is a tongue-tie and how can it affect my baby?

Are you experiencing pain while nursing? Cracked nipples? Super long or very short feedings? Slow weight gain? Shallow latch? Challenges with bottle feeding? Gassy/acid-reflux baby? Possibly combined with slow weight gain for your baby? Tongue-tie might be the cause of the problem. Medically known as ankyloglossia, this condition, present at birth, can restrict the tongue’s range of motion so it may interfere with compression and milk removal.

Learn more about tongue-tie

Watch boober founder and maternal health expert, Jada Shapiro, in conversation with Lea Rivera, IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) founder of Empire Lactation for part 1 of the Tongue Tie Series.
They discuss all things related to tongue-tie including what it actually is, how a tongue-tie can affect nursing and bottle feeding, how it is diagnosed, when and how it can be treated, why there is so much conflicting information amongst pediatricians, parents and lactation consultants and how to seek care for parents who may be struggling.