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What to Eat with Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy

Getting diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes while pregnant can be scary and overwhelming at first. As a nutritionist, I want to help you feel more confident in making healthy choices about how to eat and what to eat to feel your best and support your growing baby. A little bit of education and understanding what Gestational Diabetes means for you and your pregnancy goes a long way. It’s not all bad, and you can still ea

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How can a doula help with c-section?

Doula support is increasing in popularity among new families and for good reason. There is evidence that suggests doula support can increase satisfaction in birth and laboring parents report experiencing less pain. While using doula support cannot guarantee a birthing outcome (e.g. vaginal birth or no epidural), you’ll be happy you have an experienced birth professional by your side no matter what kind of birth you end up having, and especially if you end up needing a C-section, also known as cesarean birth.

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How to induce your labor: Understanding medical techniques and natural methods

In most cases, a pregnant body will begin the process of spontaneous labor on it’s own and there will be no need for any interventions to get things going. But for some people, there may be circumstances where the health of either the birthing parent or baby is in jeopardy and induction techniques are necessary to start labor and to ensure that every one remains healthy.

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Postpartum Recovery: What the first 6 weeks are like?

No doubt you’ve taken many steps to prepare your mind and your home for the newest edition of your family, your precious baby. Your little bundle of joy isn’t the only one deserving of attention after giving birth because you too have undergone transformation and will need time to heal and recover.

Here are some common things to expect and consider in the first six weeks after having your baby:

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Top 4 tips to have a successful Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

If you have had a cesarean birth, consider yourself one of many families who have done the same. In the United States in 2019, cesareans made up for nearly 32% of all births. It was once commonly accepted that if a person birthed their baby via cesarean, each subsequent baby must then also be a c-section, but it is now becoming more widely known that repeat cesareans are not always medically indicated and can sometimes present more risks than benefits.

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A Birth Plan template and tips on how to write one

Birth Preferences, more commonly known as Birth Plans, are a wonderful way to communicate your wishes with your support team and a great way to dive in, learn more about what your birthing options are, and to clarify what is most important to you during birth. Any uncertainties you have will make great talking points with your medical providers and with your doula. Birth Preference Sheets can be brought to one of your prenatal appointments to make sure that you and your midwife/OBGYN are on the same page about setting expectations for your birth. If, after a discussion with your provider about your Birth Plan or Birth Preferences, you feel like your provider or place of birth does not fit with your wishes, you may want to consider hiring a new midwife or OBGYN.

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Recognizing Signs of Perinatal Anxiety & Depression

This webinar took place on May 17, 2021, during Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month. It was hosted by Boober in partnership with Hatch. It was hosted by Jada Shapiro, founder of Boober, and featured Olivia Bergeron, LCSW, psychotherapist and parent coach at Mommy Grove (and a provider on the boober platform) and Jabina Coleman, LSW, MSW, IBCLC, lactation therapist and psychotherapist, and public speaker leading the movement “Everyone Wants to Hold the Baby; Who Will Hold the Mother?”. The following is a compilation of answers from Jabina and Olivia on various mental health questions regarding mothers in their prenatal and postpartum periods

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Third Trimester To Dos

The third trimester is an exciting time as you think about welcoming your new baby and all that you have to do to become prepared. Maybe the days are whizzing by or maybe they are inching slowly, either way it can feel as though there is never enough time to finish doing it all!

If you haven’t a clue of where to begin, or if you’re wondering if you’ve covered it all, use this third trimester “to do” guide to help organize and prepare.

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Top partner massage* and touch tips for supporting birthing people during labor

What kind of touch do birthing people want in labor? If this is a question you’ve ever asked yourself as a loving partner or spouse, here are a few tips from an experienced doula and massage therapist who’s helped many couples like you find their way during labor.

In some ways, the kind of touch birthing people want during birth is different and in many ways it’s similar to the kind of touch they appreciate when not in labor. Here’s what you should know.