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How to work with a Virtual Lactation Consultant

Even before the pandemic shifted our entire lives to Zoom, lactation consultants have utilized telemedicine to reach families in the comfort of their own homes. For many of us, all our training, experience and continuing education allows us the ability to assess and support families with expert care–even remotely. Seasoned lactation consultants have witnessed so many babies nurse and feed. We have seen many cases of damaged nipples and mastitis, and we have supported countless families in meeting their goals and overcoming challenges. Our experience means we know exactly what we are looking for when a three day old newborn latches or when a nursing parent is healing from an infection.

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Podcast: “Breastfeeding: Optimizing your Success and Minimizing Shame”

Boober founder, Jada Shapiro, talks about everything breastfeeding with Georgie Kovacs, on the Fempower Health podcast.

In this episode, Jada and Georgie talk through all of the topics around breastfeeding, including:

How women need better information about breastfeeding
Mental health issues for women in this season of life
What lactation consultants do
The options around breastfeeding
Reasons women may not produce enough breast milk
When babies need chiropractic care.

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9 crucial tips for infant care during COVID-19

Virtually every aspect of our daily life has been altered in some way by COVID-19. Taking care of an infant is no exception. While your newborn’s needs are the same, never before have parents been expected to take care of their babies entirely by themselves—without friends, family, or hired care providers like postpartum doulas.

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From pain and despair to joyful breastfeeding – A thank you note

from pain and despair to joyful breastfeeding – a thank you note When this unsolicited thank-you note landed in our email, it literally brought us to tears. This note is everything. It’s why we do the work we do. We are so thankful to have such amazing lactation professionals like Grace on the boober platform. We asked Elyssa if it …