Podcast: “Breastfeeding: Optimizing your Success and Minimizing Shame”

podcast: “breastfeeding: optimizing your success and minimizing shame”

Boober founder, Jada Shapiro, talks about everything breastfeeding with Georgie Kovacs, on the Fempower Health podcast.

In this episode, Jada and Georgie talk through all of the topics around breastfeeding, including:

How women need better information about breastfeeding
Mental health issues for women in this season of life
What lactation consultants do
The options around breastfeeding
Reasons women may not produce enough breast milk
When babies need chiropractic care.

Boober provides information and resources for women who are struggling with or want to learn more about lactation. In New York City, women can use this platform to get same-day lactation consultants.

“There’s a real personal struggle or sense of defeat if they can’t fully feed their baby at the breast, so for the lactation consultant to be able to give permission to say, “If you need to use formula, donor breast milk or pump that is okay.” Let’s get the baby fed so that we can work on the steps.

For some people, babies just latch right on, and it’s really easy. On Instagram, we’re seeing a lot more now of the hard stuff. We’re starting to see that more. I think that people are getting more confident or comfortable sharing that this was really hard.”

Listen to the podcast here!